Not many places in Florida compare to Venice. It’s nestled in a prime spot between Tampa and Fort Myers and provides everyone in the area with excellent views of the Gulf. Though this city has many happy residents and business owners, it also harbors numerous pests such as rats, ants, and termites. Wherever people go, pests are sure to follow. Impact Pest Elimination understands the need for quality pest control and wants to help eliminate bothersome insects and rodents on your property.

Rat Control

Rats and mice have a way of getting into homes and businesses. They can flatten their bodies to fit under the smallest door cracks and weasel their way inside. Rodents seek food and shelter in homes and businesses throughout Venice and cause a mess once they’re indoors. In fact, rats often chew through wires, storage containers, boxed goods, and walls, causing hundreds of dollars in repair costs. They also transmit diseases like salmonella and the hantavirus.

Impact Pest Elimination can inspect your property for entryways, cure existing infestations and create barriers to prevent further rodent invasions. We use environmentally safe treatments, making sure to remove the threat without affecting your family’s health.

Ant Control

Florida is home to many different ant species, each one causing its own problems for homeowners. Carpenter ants bore holes in wood flooring, decks, and buildings and cause structural damage. Ghost ants invade homes in search of food and infest cabinets and pantries. Fire ants build large mounds in your yard and pose a serious threat to your kids and pets. They deliver painful bites and can cause allergic reactions in some people. Our team knows how to identify each ant species and to use the appropriate treatment for complete pest elimination.

Termite Control

Termites cause as much damage to homes as storms do each year. In fact, these tiny pests cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs as they burrow through wooden structures. They set up vast colonies and use the wood as a food source. Without professional pest control, termites can breed in great numbers and cause significant damage to homes and businesses. Our baiting system eliminates entire colonies from the inside out and protects your home from further damage.

Contact Impact Pest Elimination for a thorough inspection of your home or business. We make it our priority to eliminate harmful pests in an eco-friendly way while not only protecting your family and pets but also the environment.