Whitfield, FL Pest Control

impact aboutWhitfield, Florida – a coastal town with excellent views of the ocean and plenty of sun and waves for everyone. Seaside towns have a lot going for them, and Whitfield is no exception. You can spend your days barbecuing in the backyard or spending time on the beach with friends and family. Life in Florida has its drawbacks for some, such as annoying pests that invade throughout the year. Impact Pest Elimination has the tools and a few ways of dealing with stubborn pests in your home or business.

General Pest Control

Residents in Whitfield have to deal with pest infestations on a yearly basis, from mosquitoes in the summer to beach rats in every season. Cockroaches, wasps, spiders and other invasive pests threaten people in their homes along the coast and farther inland. Even ants are a problem in Whitfield as they ruin backyard picnics and infest kitchens throughout the city.

Our pest control professionals specialize in general pest control and can eliminate numerous pests using the appropriate treatments. We provide thorough inspections, use the latest and most effective pest control products and take preventative measures to give residents and business owners pest-free living and working spaces.

Rodent Control

Rodents cause problems for people everywhere in Florida, not just Whitfield. They thrive here in The Sunshine State and often seek shelter within the cooler climates of homes and businesses where they breed behind the walls and infest the interior. Rodents carry diseases and contaminate food, clothing, and surfaces with urine and feces as they scurry about in the night.

We provide effective rodent control services to residents and businesses in Whitfield. Our certified team can inspect attics, crawlspaces, and other common hiding spots and eliminate rodents where they sleep, eat and breed. We'll seal up their entryways and prevent them from returning and infesting your home or business again.

Turf Care

Maintaining your landscape is one way of keeping pests at bay. Overgrown grass, shrubs, and plants are key hiding and breeding spots for insects and rodents. In addition, an unkempt yard reduces your curbside appeal and decreases your property value. It's important to fertilize the grass and to keep your yard free of debris if you want to stop pests from invading your property.

Our licensed and certified technicians provide weed control and pest control, combining both services to prevent damage to your home and property. We can feed your lawn and shrubs with key nutrients and fertilizers to help them grow strong and resist insect pests.

Professional Whitfield Pest Control

Contact Impact Pest Elimination for a free estimate and to set up an appointment with our licensed technicians. We have provided quality pest control services to residents in Whitfield since 1985 and want to give you a pest-free home or business this year. Our technicians will inspect your property, use effective treatments and create barriers to keep out bothersome pests.